Dolphins of Abzu


So I was a bit kind of… mixed feelings about Abzu at first, I was too stressed (life stuff) and really struggled to get into it, and it didn’t help that the ending has been done before; that naffed me off a bit and not purely because of already being wound up. It was absolutely fine and had some real impact in Flower, it was lovely in Journey but a third time with this formula and I was bordering on the level of exasperated sighing brought on by the overuse of airlocks to get rid of xenomorphs in the Alien series. Maybe it is intended as an exploration of the same story in different settings, not sure, but I came back to in a less stressed state and I’m having a much better time with it on this occasion. The ending still leaves me cold but it’s very enjoyable just to explore the environment and see what there is to find. Found the dunkleostei and hitched a ride with one last night – now that was an event! Dolphins, anyway. Common dolphins! Lovely dolphins! I took a few pictures of them.


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