A colossal jamboree of pictures…

50 Still needs a power ballad to go with it

Alright, so I kind of forgot this blog in the midst of life, responsibilities, etc. And seeing as most of my screenshots from other games are still on Turisaz’s hard drive, here’s a round-up of some of my personal favourites from Shadow of the Colossus. Some of these have previously turned up on Summer of the Colossus, and some of them have been set to one side to post in the future because I mean who on earth wants hundreds of screenshots all at once? That’s too many! There’s still a lot even here, bloody hell, but I kind of wanted to show a fair mix of colossi, scenery, nice images and faffing about.

Anyway. In relation to other games, I still haven’t posted anything about Dear Esther, despite just completely loving it, but the confusing thing is that the PS4 has split my pictures up between those taken on the digital version and those from the physical copy I got… they’re both the exact same game, it’s just I run it off a disc now instead, because – y’know – I like it enough to want to give it a space on my shelf. (Kind of bugs me a bit that there doesn’t appear to be a physical release of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture to go with it, but what the hell.) I need to round up the lot and just organise them sometime, really. Also started The Last Day of June and so far, so good – the characters are charming and the environments are just plain gorgeous, so provided I remember to fetch them over to the laptop, then there will be some nice pictures from that appearing on here as well.

Now onto the colossus-hunting adventures…

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