Crawling under the island like an animal…

Dear Esther_ Landmark Edition_20180706202331

(Subtext: I want to be a seaside cave-dwelling hermit, preferably within easy reach of some wind-blasted moors and in the company of a nice Friesian horse… thus peaking out the Goth Meter.)

Okay, so a couple months down the line (feels a lot longer, bloody hell.) I finally made good on my threat? promise? However it comes across, here are some pictures from Dear Esther, which I love. There’s a lot about this game that I find interesting, both under its own steam and after having gotten some additional insight from the Director’s Commentary mode (especially in relation to the music, the sheer amount of thought that went into it on a symbolic level is just plain amazing) but my thoughts and these mysterious things called words just don’t want to know each other at the minute.

These pictures might not be in entirely perfect order because I pulled them together from two different sets, one from the digital version and one from the physical version – would’ve thought the PS4 would save them all together, but it didn’t, not sure what that’s all about. I reckon they look nice, anyway. Hopefully someone else out else there reckons they look alright as well. 😉

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