Quiet time in the desert…


Okay, so after… some years, I finally revisited Journey, albeit on the PS4 this time because I’ve yet to have any luck in finding another PS3 that works like my Ol’ Reliable, the mighty Sylvester (no idea why I called it that)… hopefully there is one out there because I really miss playing Stranger’s Wrath – Oddworld in general is great, loved that series ever since I was a kid, but that particular game really stood out to me, it was quite different gameplay-wise but still felt right at home in the series as a whole, the desert looked friggin’ gorgeous and that’s all wildly off topic… Journey is set in the desert too, though!

I mean, not much to say about it, not in a bad way, mind – my head is a bit fried and I can’t do words about things… It’s still a really beautiful game; flows smoothly; decent balance of calm moments and dramatic tension; it earns an emotional response rather than trying to force one and I really respect that in a narrative. Oh, and the music is really stunning – Reclamation is my favourite – it delivers the goods and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing, perhaps more so now than when I played it a few years back.

Didn’t succeed in finding a partner to spend the whole journey with, though. There were a couple of meetings with other players, one of whom ran up to my cloaked wanderer (who was meditating in a quiet spot) chirped three times and then ran off – not sure what that was all about, but it made me laugh. Screenshots anyway, there’s been quite enough of this scraping around trying to find stuff to write. (It just feels a bit half-arsed posting pictures with naff all text to go with them, though.)

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