Dude. It’s a STAPLER.

00 How did you KNOW

All day, every day.

Okay, so when did I last update this? I’m tired, words aren’t happening but long and short, I checked out Asemblance and its sequel recently and I’m very glad that I did. These games are very stripped-back, mysterious and laconic, and I’ve always had a soft spot for things like that. If there are ever to be any more, then I’ll gladly come along for the ride. (Despite having not entirely finished either of these because they require very precise timing to get all of the possible endings, and that’s not my strong point.)

So today’s post is all about the first of the two games. Splitting it into two posts because even though the number of pictures from this game is fairly minimal, I got very snap happy with the sequel.

Still haven’t done a post about The Last Day of June, either, despite having finished it… quite some time ago and sorted through all the pictures soon after. But that’s beside the point, here’s the first Asemblance.

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