Somewhat of an oversight on my part… (not sorry.)

Asemblance_ Oversight_20181027171908

Just when I thought the computer had my back for once, there it goes being a passive-aggressive arse.

Anyway. It’s been one day short of three weeks since I last updated this blog. That is a little bit unforgivable, especially given the backlog of screenshots I have to catch up with, but nattering about it in those terms kind of makes it sound like a chore, and that’s not the case. I am doing this for fun and I’m genuinely pleased to be sharing these pictures with people, and hopefully other people enjoy seeing them. I do kind of have a valid reason for not updating anyway, what with one thing and another (upheaval at home and at work, an incident on the bus a couple of weeks back that fried my nerves six ways from Sunday, and my hands are currently a mess of cuts/scrapes/holes from working with drills/hacksaws/very sharp metal rails/generally lethal things on a day-to-day basis so typing is somewhat painful right now) but that aside, here’s a follow-up to the previous post and a look at Asemblance: Oversight.

So this one my favourite of the two so far, while I did really enjoy the original Asemblance – with the computer being an entertainingly unreserved tosser and the mysterious, tense, laconic atmosphere – I think this sequel does a nice job of taking the concept and giving it  a bit of a shot in the arm. It feels more ambitious in its scope; the sparse narrative style is still there but this time it feels like the tension is coming from a potential threat to the human race overall, whereas the original focussed more on an individual, personal conflict. I could be a million miles off the mark but my takeaway from Oversight is possibly a cover-up of nuclear weapons testing, along with some ominous scientific anomalies, but there is still this undercurrent of personal threat to bring the tension home. Our unnamed protagonist is being pursued and whoever is after them, I’d hazard a guess that they’re not going to be precious little fluffy sweethearts in protecting their secrets. So yes, to my mind, this game does a great job of balancing a large-scale threat with a claustrophic, looming atmosphere and for a game that is essentially very simple and stripped-down, I think that’s a pretty rollicking achievement. As mentioned previously, I’d be more than happy to check out any further games that might hypothetically happen in this series (subtle hint.)

Those were some words anyway… before leaping into the screenshots, it needs to be said: seriously, fuck that random bastard in the hazmat suit. Scared the living daylights out of me. Sneaky git. 😐

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