The time with the yard of Jäger…

2019 is approaching, glad to see the back of 2018 and in the spirit of the occasion, Wander and Agro have gotten completely slaughtered. This one happened on Summer of the Colossus a while back and I’m trying to catch up with the narratives (using the term pretty flamin’ generously there) before they all get buried in the folder of images that been uploaded to Instagram but not put on the blog… Anyway. Happy slightly early new year! (And if you’re going on a drunken rampage, please rampage responsibly.)

SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS™_20180706213604


SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS™_20180706213701

Yeah so just because you have a yard of Jäger, doesn’t mean you should drink it all at once.

40 Choose your battles wisely...


“I don’t… just… Y’know what, go home, Wander. You’re drunk.”

SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS™_20180622213452

And then it becomes apparent that Wander and Agro tore it up a bit more than they realised on their little rager…

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