Unravelling like a new year’s resolution…

00 Fish hug

Alright so for the first blog post of the year, it’s a look at what little I’ve played of Unravel prior to getting side-tracked. I also adjusted my aim from getting this blog updated once a week – a bit much, that – to getting at least one update done on any one of my blogs each month. Because setting concrete goals for personal things I like to do in my free time has this extremely pernicious habit of draining all the joy out of it; operating under pressure is not my thing… so, anyway, Unravel.

I was pretty much along for the ride with this game when I tried a demo, heard the folky music and saw the lush, unkempt, lived-in garden in the first level. It hit me in the nostalgia so hard that I was just “Take me now, I’m yours!” but then life happened and what do you know? I’ve only got 2 levels deep so far. And that was months ago. I’ll get back to it sometime this year and hopefully see more of it, because it’s a really lovely game. In the meantime, here are some screenshots.

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