This is my horse-friend, his name is Sparky.

00 Fickle horse friend

Teaching Sparky about love… didn’t stick seeing as he buggered off after a bit. Fairweather friends indeed!

Anyway. Horizon Zero Dawn! What a game. Still nowhere near done with it, I had a peek at the map, feeling quite the explorer and found there’s still an infinity worth of stuff covered in clouds because I’ve not seen it yet, so there’s plenty to keep me entertained for a long time yet. The main thing I like about it is the bloody attention to detail. Not just in terms of the visuals but the sheer array of people you meet, the history of the world, the impact of that on cultural attitudes and individual lives, it’s all there and it makes the whole thing very immersive and satisfying. It’s quite refreshing to see this carried on a smaller scale as well, things that don’t necessarily add anything to the gameplay on a mechanical level, but they go a long way to bring out some extra personality. For example, when you stop to enjoy the scenery and Aloy will raise her hand to catch some snow or enjoy the feel of the rain – it’s a simple thing but it’s great to see characters engaging with their surroundings in a way that feels natural.

And of course, plenty of screenshots have happened, not all of them are here because of the external hard drive failing (and the subsequent debacle trying to get to the read-write head to get it unstuck from the platter and swearing and basically it didn’t work out, I lost a ton of old art and photography and need to lick my wounds on that front) and also the sheer amount of pictures I took in the first Cauldron, well they’d damn near break the internet if I put them all here. This post has been waiting in drafts since December, so it’s time to get it out there.

And seriously. Screw you, Sparky. You turncoat.

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