And now… gryphos-related backpedalling

Wander and Agro have some competition

Looks like Wander and Agro have got some competition – look at him go, he’s rusticating up a storm!

Anyway. The end of 2018 is rapidly approaching, and “rusticate” is my official word of the year, it has to be. It’s just… my life has been enriched by the discovery of that word (in the context of enjoying the countryside, that is – it has many other definitions that don’t really inspire me in any meaningful capacity.)

But yes, onto what this blog is actually about. I started another go on The Last Guardian, which maybe wasn’t one of my smarter ideas because it’s turning out even more of a shambles than before somehow (probably down to being unable to focus…)  and I haven’t even got up to where I hit an impasse last time. I do hope to complete this game sometime, because I am along for the ride, but it will probably have to be taken in steps of the right proportions and approached when I’m feeling very patient… to be fair, it’s the Yoroi that are the thorn in my side. Everything else, I’m more than happy to engage with, but those buggers? Not a fan of ’em, to be honest. But that’s enough kvetching – onto the pictures!

Open letter to the Yoroi: Quit harshing my vibe. Sincerely, Alex.

22 A peaceful moment


(I don’t think Trico does actually purr but that’s beside the point. He does make some ace noises, though.) Anyway, I had something in mind to write about this but ended up being sidetracked by “Old Dirty Pasty” – whoever came up with that, I salute you. That has just made my evening. Anyway, here are some more pictures from The Last Guardian, sans pasties. It’s still a very pretty game, though.

Adventures with Trico

The Last Guardian™_20180810202926

In the absence of ideas on how precisely to present this blog (just gonna trial-and-error it), may as well get started with some screenshots from The Last Guardian, seeing as that’s what I’m mainly playing at the moment. Seriously cannot get over the lighting in this game, which is potentially a bizarre thing to be really chuffed about, but it’s a stand-out part of the visuals for me, so there. (And furthermore, nerr. Very sensible and mature reasoning.) These are just some of my favourites, cherry-picked from an unruly heap. Of course I got disproportionately excited about the throwback to the colossus in the cold, blue room… 😉